October 29th Update

By Joel | October 29, 2010

Now that everything is in full swing at Regeneration Park, and the target move-in date moves closer and closer, we’re going to start posting bi-weekly Friday updates to keep you in the loop. We hope you take the time to subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Twitter: @RegenPark


New Windows Installed

If you haven’t seen our Serious windows, you probably haven’t driven down Route One.  The front ofRegeneration Park is taking form quickly, with the added contours of our angled windows. The light flickers as you drive past, and inside, there’s next to no glare whatsoever. And, they’re super-insulating, it’s practically see-through insulation. This distinct layout draws your attention, and the cozy warmth they’ll provide in winter, will keep you inside!

Keys Open Doors

As the winter months come barreling our way–we know not the thing that you want to hear, but our tenant, Simply Green, can help!–doors have gone into place as well.  Locked tight, and making sure that Regeneration Park gets a proper unveiling!


Columns for the Sun!

Striving to have one of the largest solar arrays in the state of New Hamsphire is going to take some serious muscle.  And, if Atlas had the world on his shoulders, these columns and trusses will be holding up the power of the sun!  In order to support the additional weight of over 10 tons of solar panels, substantial support has to be installed: columns drilled into the foundation as well as steel trusses attached to the crossbeams. The work of TR Russell builders & TMS Architects in installing and engineering these supports has been nothing short of impressive.

“Hardwood” Flooring

In the past months, the installation of the flooring in the marquee office space has come together.  Instead of piecing the floor back together as a single basketball floor, the floor is borrowing from the spirit of Regeneration Park: coming together with the pieces it has on hand.  With the guidance of Dwellings Done, the interior spaces are taking form as well!


Core spray-foam insulation and exterior painting began this week.

Restaurant and kitchen design completion in sight!

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