Joining the Evolution!

By Joel | October 6, 2010

As the work has progressed forward, one of our showcase tenants at Regeneration Park, and the business spearheading the project, Simply Green Biofuels have launched their initiative encouraging users of traditional heating oil to Join the Evolution!

They’ve been distributing copies of Evolve: The Next Steps in Greener Living, a series of articles and tips that will help you learn how to live greener.  They’re putting out the word that all it takes for greener living are a few steps.  If you already recycle, have switched to CFL’s, and you’re looking for the next steps, keep your eyes open for your copy of Evolve. The newspaper is being distributed all throughout the seacoast and will soon be available online!

We’re proud to have Simply Green be a part of Regeneration Park and as the project moves forward, we know that the growth of Simply Green will only make Regeneration Park stronger!

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